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I'm looking for some Nine/Rose (or even Ten/Rose) one shots. Any recs? I'm on fanficdotnet and Teaspoon, but I'm fairly new to both sites.


Oh dear, my sweet Nonny… 

I read just about everything Nine and Rose that comes under my nose, but I’m a little bit more selective about Ten and Rose, largely because there’s so much more of it.  That said, the stories that tend to stick with me are usually longer ones.

That’s not to say that I don’t have some one-shot recommendations, however.

First, a few authors and recommendations from each:

(Quick note: a lot of these authors are on multiple sites, in case you prefer another one, but I’ve been on Teaspoon longest, so my bookmarks are a bit more extensive there)


Time Out

Young Man from Kent  (All Nine, all Adult)

On the subject of AnneHedonia, if you ever get a desire for a longer story, hers called An Education is one of the must-reads for any Nine x Rose shipper.

Some Slightly Unusual Mistakes (a short series of one-shots, Ten x Rose, all Adult)

Not so New, New (two corresponding one-shots, Ten x Rose, angsty and tragic)

Same as Always (Nine x Rose, Adult)

Same as Never (Ten x Rose, Adult)

Also, this author has one of my favourite one-shots of all time, though it doesn’t actually fit your requirements, I have to share it here anyway.  Four More Months is possibly the loveliest thing I’ve ever seen written from Jack’s perspective.  Go read it now.

One of my favourite authors, but I am disappointed to see that there’s only the one one-shot.  Fortunately, it’s a brilliant one.

Painting My Moon (Nine x Rose, Adult)

Beadazzled (Nine x Rose, Adult)

Is This the Part? (Nine x Rose + Jack, Teen)

Sunday, Domestic (Nine x Rose, Adult)

Tangled Up in Blue (Nine x Rose, Adult)

I Take the Words ‘verse (Nine x Rose, leading to Ten x Rose, and also Nine x Ten x Rose, mostly Adult, and there are two multi-chapters in there, but well worth your time and then some)

  • ABadPlanWellExecuted

Perspective (Nine x Rose, all ages)

A Pira (Nine x Rose, all ages)

There is sweet music here (Nine x Rose, all ages)

This is another author who has one of my favourite one-shots of all times that doesn’t fit your criteria.  When Seasons Collide is cracky and wonderful and I highly recommend it.

Aren’t I? (Nine x Rose, Adult)

Gorgeous Bloke, Isn’t he? (Nine x Rose, Adult)

Ten Signs You’re in Love (Nine x Rose, Teen)

And another one-shot that doesn’t fit the bill.  A Promise of Forever is all Doctors and Rose, and it’s the finest thing you’ll ever read, promise.

Five Times Rose Tasted Like Peppermint, and One Time the Doctor Did, Too (Nine, Ten, TenToo x Rose, Adult)

Peel Slowly and See (Ten x Rose, AU, Adult)

Another of my favourite authors, but looking back through her work it’s a lot more TenToo x Rose than actual Doctor Ten.  If you’re into TenToo, however, do look in on her!

Incandescent (Nine x Rose, Adult)

Provocation (Nine x Rose, Adult)

Tanzania / In the Mood (Nine x Rose, first is Teen, second is Adult)

The Doctor’s Consort (Nine x Rose, Adult)

And another author with a one-shot that doesn’t fit the bill.  A Little Piece of Home is more about Nine and Jack’s relationship than Nine and Rose, though that relationship is examined a bit.

HMS Gallifrey (Nine x Rose, Adult)

We Were Together series (Ten x Rose, Adult)

Another author with a must-read for any Nine and Rose shipper, but it’s a very long one: The Winter Season.

Chocolate Iced TARDIS’s (Nine x Rose, Adult)

Fool Me Once (Ten x Rose, Adult)

I Think I’m a Tad Possessive (Nine x Rose, Adult)

Another author with a fair number of one-shots, and one rather fantastic series that goes through all of the Doctors and Rose, and I highly recommend it.  Forever and More.

Sympathy for the Devil (Nine x Rose, AU, Adult)

This author has one of my absolute favourite WIPs going right now as well, Silence in the Garden.

A Taste of Home (Ten x Rose, All Ages)

And another of my favourite WIPs, Watch it Burn.

Okay, so this ended up being WAY longer than expected when I first got this ask.  I’m going to stop there, though I could probably go all day.  I know I’m missing a lot of people/stories, so if anyone wants more than this, ask away.

Also, allegoricalrose, fogsblue, professortennant, and theloveofthestormandhiswolf are all masters of the fic rec list!



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